TQ31 Table of Contents

Cover artwork courtesy of Regan Good.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“Apparitions:  A Conversation with Sybil Baker” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Joan Tangle: A Conversation with Jenny Drai” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Penultimates:  A Conversation with Thomas Farber” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Magicholia: A Conversation with Jenny Grassl” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“How to Live: A Conversation with Kelle Groom”— curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“The Visit:  A Conversation with Ana T. Kralj” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“The Trauma Mantras: A Conversation with Adrie Kusserow” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Shadow Dance:  A Conversation with Martin Ott” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Radical Brevity:  A Conversation with Patrick Donnelly About Poetry & Translation” — curated by Naoko Fujimoto 

“‘A Topography of Salvation’: John Davis’ The Places That Hold”by Virginia Konchan 

“I Fell Into an Elegiac Mood: A Conversation with Jane Miller” — curated by Lisa Olstein

“How Art Engages How it Attends: A Conversation with Dean Rader” — curated by Lisa Olstein 

“Charm Offensive: A Conversation with Ross White” — curated by Esteban Rodriguez 

“Otherlight: A Conversation with Jill Mceldowney” — curated by Esteban Rodriguez  

“everyday people always echo myth: A Conversation with Katie Hartsock with a Portfolio of Poetry” — curated by Megan Levad

“such a feminine book: A Conversation with Jade Lascelles” — curated by Megan Levad

“Do you mind, for a second, if we turn the lights out?: A Conversation with Kim Chinquee about Pipette — curated by Tiffany Troy

“Edgar is my soulmate: A Conversation with Nikki Ketteringham about I Named the Dragon for You – curated by Tiffany Troy

“The bees are flying: Conversation with co-editor Virginia Konchan about Marbles on the Floor: How to Assemble a Book of Poems (edited by Sarah Giragosian and Virginia Konchan)” — curated by Tiffany Troy

“I wished I would have kissed the sky where it held the full moon up like a mirror: A Conversation with Molly Zhu about Asian American Translations – curated by Tiffany Troy

“We choose to light no candles: A Conversation with Juan Pablo Mobili about Contraband”curated by Tiffany Troy 

“I am (still) here: A Conversation with Alicia Mountain about Four in Hand” – curated by Tiffany Troy

‘“Sometimes when I look at the sky: A Conversation with Sean Thomas Dougherty about Death Prefers the Minor Keys” – curated by Tiffany Troy

“When language takes over it is the most incredible relief: A Conversation with Emily Simon about In Many Ways” – curated by Tiffany Troy

“The miles, like bodies, fall between us: A Conversation with Anna V. Q. Ross about Flutter, Kick– curated by Tiffany Troy

“Are You Listening to the Cloud in the Tin Cup: A Conversation with Meghan Maguire Dahn about Domain” — curated by Tiffany Troy 

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose 

Luis Ignacio Betancourtfrom Ojo de la Sombra — translated by Arturo Desimone
Curated & introduced by Henk Rossouw

Ryan Cook A Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

John DavisA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Virginia Konchan 

Rose DeMarisA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Danielle Cadena DeulenA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by dawn lonsinger

Anastasia K. GatesA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Regan Good“Paintings for Saskia Hamilton”
Curated & introduced by Laura Cronk

Carolyn Hembree from For Today
Curated & introduced by Henk Rossouw 

Zoe Contros KearlA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Jefferson NavickyA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Virginia Konchan

Hannah Page A Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

John ReedA Portfolio of Sonnets 
Curated & introduced by Laura Cronk 

Danté StewartA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Laura Cronk 

Editor’s Selections in Visual Art

Each artist chosen & introduced by Mary Kathryn Jablonski.

Allen Grindle 

Courtney Mattison 

Jenny Hutchinson 

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Anthony Hawley “X-Agent Destroy Monster Regimes” 

Kelly Puig“Labyrinth” 

Nancy Reisman & Jonathan Rattner“Postcards from the Vanishing Point” 


Colleen Abel “We are all bad mothers here” & “In Praise of Jenny Marx”

Talvikki AnselA Portfolio of Poetry

A. Baldys“Vacated Arrays”

Bruce Bond & Dan Beachy-QuickA Portfolio of Collaborative Poetry 

Luisa Caycedo-Kimura “Lexical Meditation in Two Languages” 

Arlene DeMaris“Anger” & “The Book of Questions” 

Lawrence Di Stefano“A Single Dream of Spring” 

Fay Dillof A Portfolio of Poetry 

Nathaniel Dolton-Thorntonfrom HUMAN FIELDS

Sarah Dunphy-Lelii“In German” 

Makayla Gay“Horse Facts” & Spaghetti Western” 

Jenny Grassl — 3 Magicholia poems, “A Landfill Dress Mourns,” “Hospital Year Voice,” & “Frail House of Booming”

Siobhan Hart“Self Portrait as Amber” 

Katherine Hollander“Ahisma” & “Comfort and Mercy” 

Abbie Kiefer“Self-Portrait as the Safe Deposit Vault in the Vacant First Trust”

Andrew Edmund Kane“desire lines” 

Leslie McIntosh“When does the kosanba rest?” & “why is a bird a bird and I’m not?”

Brittany Mishra“Ellipsis” & “Neurotoxin” 

Manthipe Moila“*식구”

Stelios Mormoris“Sigh,” “New Love,” & “Sky Cathedral”

Matthew Nienow“Even If the Past Is Not a Place You Can Visit” & “Begin Again” 

Benjamin Niespodziany“Lassoing the Family:  A Triptych” 

Carolyn Oliver “Mock Moon” 

Cate PeeblesA Portfolio of Poetry 

Wes Rothman “Blue Haze” & “Running After Wild” 

Jo WallaceA Portfolio of Poetry


Erika Gallion“Dusk and Summer on The Nimi”

Makayla Gay“10-15 Years; 15-20 Eggs”

R.D. Giles “Old Enough” 

Ben Jahn“The Beveler” 

Teo Rivera-Dundas & Erik Abrahams“Unable to Stop Losing the Creature” 

Oonagh Stransky“A Full Stop on Her Period:  How the Translation of Lucarelli’s Almost Blue was Modified in the UK”

Literature in Translation

Yang BiweiA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Liang Yujing 

Zhang Dinghao A Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Jiaoyang Li 

Ayana ErdalA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Lisa Katz 

Amalialú Posso Figueroa“Attraction, Intimacy, Infirmity:  A Portfolio of Poetry” — translated by Jeffrey Diteman 

Marzia Grillo“Recognize Me?” — translated by Lourdes Contreras & Julia Pelosi-Thorpe

Dinçer Güçyeter A Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Caroline Wilcox Reul 

Bai HuaA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Weija Pan

Lamia MakaddamA Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Lily Shehady

Adriana RivaAn Excerpt from Salt: “How Remote Is the Past” — translated by Denise Kripper 

Sarai Shavit“Mother No Longer Answers:  A Portfolio of Poetry” — translated by Joanna Chen 

Jana Putrle Srdićfrom Uncharted — translated by Sue Vickerman

A Celebration of Literary Criticism

Shannon Vare Christine on Tennison S. Black’s Survival Strategies 

Shannon Vare Christine on L.J. Sysko’s The Daughter of Man 

Robert Dunsdon on Hayden Bergman’s Ad Hoc 

Sandra Fees on Kate Partridge’s Thine

Veronica Golos on Jennifer Franklin’s If Some God Shakes Your House

Celeste Lipkes on Jane Huffman’s Public Abstract

Sara Mae on Kristine Langley Mahler’s A Calendar is a Snakeskin

Zainab Omaki on Thomas Farber’s Penultimates

Zainab Omaki on Carol Mitchell’s What Start Bad A Mornin’ 

Amy Penne on Xu Xi’s Monkey in Residence & Other Speculations 

Katie Richards on Matthew Gellman’s Night Logic 

Aline Soules on Martin Ott’s Shadow Dance 

Aline Soules on Jerome Gagnon’s Refuge for Cranes 

Avia Tadmor on Gabrielle Bates’ Judas Goat

Julie Marie Wade on Joy Ladin’s Shekhinah Speaks

Julie Marie Wade on Late Epistle by Anne Myles

Nicole Yurcaba on Sybil Baker’s Apparitions