“An Architectural Duck”: An Excerpt from In Lieu of Flowers: A Quarantine Collaboration by Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade

      Denise Duhamel and Julie Marie Wade are the authors of The Unrhymables: Collaborations in Prose, published by Noctuary Press in 2019. Their collaborative poems and essays have appeared in many literary journals, including Arts & Letters, The Bellingham Review, The Cincinnati Review, The Common, Fourth Genre: Explorations […]

To defy the gods: Form, Resilience & Capaciousness in Shira Dentz’s Sisyphusina by Rachel Abramowitz

In the ancient Greek myth of Sisyphus, Sisyphus, king of Corinth and “the most cunning of men” (Illiad, 6:153), cheats death twice, once by actually holding Death hostage (thus giving humans a short break from Death’s perpetual trade), and the second time by talking his way out of the Underworld. […]