Negroni (and Eros) the Bittersweet: A Fugue in Forty Tasting Notes by Gregory Emilio

“It was Sappho who first called eros ‘bittersweet.’ No one who has been in love disputes her.” —Anne Carson, Eros the Bittersweet   “It is often called bitter, but it was never bitter enough for me...” —Alexander Chee, “The Poisoning” I. From the Greek glukupikron (literally sweet-bitter), bittersweet has come […]

Lauri Scheyer

Daniel Tiffany’s brilliant provocation and invitation for responses is a welcome gesture to broaden and reanimate ideas about the important and overlooked role of diction in current thinking about poetry and poetics. Ironically, diction has been a central—arguably the central—critical tool in identifying and evaluating African American poetry from the […]

Susan Schultz

March, 2020 Kāneʻohe, Hawai`i Dear Daniel– Thank you for asking me to respond to your fascinating essay, “Speaking in Tongues: Poetry and the Residues of Shared Language.” Rather selfishly, perhaps, it resonated with me as a kind of manifesto-after-the-fact for Tinfish Press. I founded Tinfish in 1995 as a platform […]