Editor’s Introduction to A Special Forum: Poetry in the Pandemic

    In the spring of 2020, the editors of Tupelo Press announced an open call for chapbook-length folios that addressed themes of illness, contagion, pandemic, sheltering-in-place, isolation, wellness, and public health. We were overwhelmed by the response. In a few months’ time, we received nearly 1200 submissions from around […]

from VIA POST by Zoë Ryder White

      Zoë Ryder White’s poems have appeared in Thrush, Hobart, Sixth Finch, Threepenny Review, Crab Creek Review, and Subtropics, among others. Her chapbook, HYPERSPACE, was the editors’ choice pick for the Verse Tomaž Šalamun Prize and is forthcoming from Factory Hollow Press in 2021. Elsewhere, her most recent […]


                   Through the word—which is already a presence made of absence—absence itself comes to be named                                                                                                                                                                              —Jacques Lacan     Our lives are lived toward what                                                                    we cannot name—   There are no words for things                                                             not having words.   There are no days in which there is […]

To Red Dust by JinJin Xu

      JinJin Xu is a filmmaker and writer from Shanghai. She has received honors from The Poetry Society of America, NYU, and the Thomas J. Watson Foundation. Her chapbook, There Is Still Singing in the Afterlife, was selected by Aria Aber for the Own Voices Chapbook Prize and […]

The Consolations by Jane Zwart

    What does one do with the pond that drowns a child? Beyond the obvious things, I mean.   Of course the cops should circle the water in yellow, beginning where the child entered   the mirror and stretching the ribbon sapling to sapling, waist-high. And if no one […]