Visual Art

Ellen Wiener   Recently updated !

Ellen Wiener’s MODES OF APPREHENSION, with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton   ELAINE SEXTON:    Early this Fall (2020), during a socially-distanced studio visit, looking at the modified books (shown here), you said you thought of books as containers, a book as “a word house, a cave….”  Would you say […]

Rick Fox

RICK FOX: Narrative & Personality: “going the way of the head....” with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton Elaine Sexton:  One thing that seems immediately evident in these new paintings is how much they are like your semi-abstract landscapes, the flat palette-knife strokes of saturated color, they have a certain muteness […]


An Introduction by Elaine Sexton In the very early days of the pandemic, just before the call for all non-essential workers to stay at home, I was able to have a “studio” visit with artist Ro Lohin, whose work we featured in TQ15. For part of the year Lohin’s studio […]

Johanna Goodman

JOHANNA GOODMAN’s Catalogue of Imaginary Beings  with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton    ELAINE SEXTON:  There’s something of the monumental, Mount Rushmore-like, in these collaged portraits, particularly the women in politics. Only with tiny heads and tiny feet, the narrative contained in massive bodies. In other pieces the “brain” matter is exaggerated.  […]

Louise Crandell

  Vague Recollections of Specific Places: Louise Crandell with a micro-interview by Elaine Sexton   Elaine Sexton:  One immediate aspect of your work is the insistent climate, somewhere between cloudy and  tense, the subjects being not quite discernible. The composition of these paintings, landscapes and other ‘scapes, on the edge-of-clarity, […]

Kevin Wixted

KEVIN WIXTED: AT PLAY IN THE FIELD a micro-interview with Elaine Sexton     Elaine Sexton: Your new paintings, the subject of an exhibit at the American University of Paris Fine Arts Gallery earlier this year, show a dramatic shift from grids and abstract patterns to the tropical and ecstatic, composed […]