Collaborative and Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Nightjar by Laura Frare & Mary Kathryn Jablonski

    A Process Note As with many of our creative projects, the unfolding of “Nightjar” was completely unexpected. We began with Mary Kathryn’s original poem and the folksong she chose, “Dear O Dear.” Mary was sure, as noted by the poem’s title, that she did not want to reveal […]

A Portfolio of New Collaborative Work by Elisabeth Frost & Dianne Kornberg

  _____________________________________________       Elisabeth Frost is the author of All of Us: Poems (2011), the chapbooks Rumor (2009) and A Theory of the Vowel (2013), Bindle (2015, with artist Dianne Kornberg), and the critical study The Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry (2003). Frost has received grants from the […]

Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin by Alexandra Huddleston & Robert Huddleston

  A Process Note Though we are siblings, Alexandra and I work not only in different media but often on different continents. We often communicate by email, and our collaborations have also arisen that way. These works were created separately. The affinity was uncovered, or subliminally revealed, in their pairing like “the chance […]

Home Movie, Nowhere [Triptych] by Julia Madsen

Process Note This multimedia piece from my dissertation entitled “Home Movie, Nowhere” is rooted in the documentary poetics of place and includes a triptych of three video poems. These videos personally document the American Midwest through the aesthetic lens of the Midwestern Gothic, attempting to reimagine or re-vision the idea […]

Moon 1 by Adam Tedesco

Process Note These videos grew out of a split chapbook I made with Anna Kreienberg. While there were only 25 copies made, which were then distributed at a reading in March of 2015, these videos have been screened at a number of venues.   ______________________________________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________________________________   Born […]