Transverse Maladies by Jacqueline Goldberg – translated by William Blair, with Consuelo Méndez

    I begin to suffer from defunct diseases. I live among diagnostics that verticalize an interior. Everything seems irrelevant, but I suffer. Certain dark lesions suggest Anthracnose. Other spots, surrounded by yellow concentric aureoles, suppose the presence of Alternariosis. Verticilium could be the answer to that withering that usually […]

Tamara Khristoforovna by Margarita Ardasheva – translated by Maria Guzenko

Tamara Khristoforovna works in Lennon Preparatory High School. She imparts high-quality, lasting knowledge, which consists of telling children that she is their mother-in-math, and they are nothing but back-alley trollops. When Tamara Khristoforovna gets really emotional, she adds that only prostitutes wear black pantyhose. What about socks and stockings of […]