Marzia Grillo — “Recognize Me?” — translated by Lourdes Contreras & Julia Pelosi-Thorpe


Marzia Grillo is a writer, editor, and event organiser from Rome. Her short-story collection The Sun’s Point of View (Il punto di vista del sole, 2022, Giulio Perrone Editore) pushes the boundaries of genre expectations and the first person perspective itself. In 2016, she edited a volume of experimental Emily Dickinson machine translations, Charter in delirio! Un esperimento con i versi di Emily Dickinson (Elliot Edizioni), probing the evolution of the Italian language through Dickinson’s gripping poetic fantasies. Grillo has worked as an editor with publishing houses such as Fazi, Elliot, Giunti, Bompiani, and Fandango, and collaborates regularly with literary journals and fanzines. Among her projects, she organizes the Premio Strega’s official event Strega OFF and edits Progetto APRI, in which famous Italian writers pen letters to imagined readers.

Lourdes Contreras researches Italian literature and visual arts at the intersection of Ecocriticism and Mediterranean Studies. Her writing focuses on twentieth-century women’s depictions of plant and animal life. She is a co-editor for the Bibliotheca Dantesca journal and teaches Italian language and content courses at the University of Pennsylvania.

Julia Pelosi-Thorpe’s translations of Latin, Italian, and Dialect poetry and fiction are published or forthcoming in Asymptote, Modern Poetry in Translation, The Poetry Review, Chicago Review and other literary magazines. Her website is