Adriana Riva — An Excerpt from Salt: “How Remote Is the Past” — translated by Denise Kripper


Adriana Riva was born in Buenos Aires in 1980. In 2017, she published the short-story collection Angst (Tenemos las máquinas), in 2019 the novel La sal (Odelia), and in 2022 the book of poems Ahora sabemos esto (Rosa Iceberg). She co-founded the children’s publisher Diente de León, for which she wrote the illustrated books Entre las hojas que cantan, La sartén por el mango, Contar Buenos Aires, and Sol mayor. She is the co-editor of the literary magazine El gran cuaderno. Riva is mother to three daughters.

Denise Kripper is an Argentine literary translator and translation scholar. She is the translation editor at Latin American Literature Today and the author of Narratives of Mistranslation: Fictional Translators in Latin American Literature. She lives in Chicago, where she’s a founding member of the Third Coast Translators Collective.