Yang Biwei — A Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Liang Yujing


Yang Biwei 杨碧薇, born in 1988 in Yunnan, is a Beijing-based poet, essayist, and critic. She holds a PhD in literature from Minzu University of China and used to be a postdoc at Peking University. An award-winning poet and the author of three poetry books, she currently teaches at Lu Xun Literary Institute, China’s only national academy in literature education. Her most acclaimed collection is Going Down to the South Ocean (South Ocean: Historical Chinese term for Southeast Asia), published in 2021.

Liang Yujing holds a PhD in Chinese from Victoria University of Wellington and is currently a lecturer at Hunan University of Technology and Business, China. His books of translation include Zero Distance: New Poetry from China (Tinfish Press, 2017) and Dai Weina’s Loving You at the Speed of a Snail Travelling Around the World (Cold Hub Press, 2019). He is also the Chinese translator of Kim Addonizio’s What Is This Thing Called Love (Xiron Books, 2020).