Wendy Chen

The Consolations by Jane Zwart

    What does one do with the pond that drowns a child? Beyond the obvious things, I mean.   Of course the cops should circle the water in yellow, beginning where the child entered   the mirror and stretching the ribbon sapling to sapling, waist-high. And if no one […]

god, i know why the bhagavad gita is only ever told to us through a charioteer by Sharanya Sharma

    maybe that’s how poets become thieves. when we taste you with another man’s eyes, a poem   toothed, gnawed through when offered: shabari’s fruit. now we unravel battlefields, ferret through   history, limbs tripping over vertebrae just to feel lightning slip a long, jagged finger across our   […]

Rehearsal by Hala Alyan

      Hala Alyan is a Palestinian American writer and clinical psychologist whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Guernica and elsewhere. Her poetry collections have won the Arab American Book Award and the Crab Orchard Series. Her debut novel, SALT HOUSES, was published by Houghton Mifflin […]

What I Was by Matthew Tuckner

    I am but the pin holding up one corner of                 a reproduction of The Scream, facing an open bay window as a tornado flips a car outside                 of the nearby nursery school. I am having separation anxiety. I am so far away from the world.                 The world is […]

how much absence the body can hold by Jenny Minniti-Shippey

    bleed out every month, these: my near sight, the roman nose of my father                                                                                     uninhabited I am   what good my mouth too full of teeth, what good these hands, and my long fingers never clasped                                                                                     become untenanted I am become   under soft-skulled head, my […]

Practice Exercises by Kaveh Bassiri

    Remove the tongue from its home in the freezer. Cut a slit through the roof of yesterday. Place the clapper at an available desk. Rotate the vowels during hallway cross-examinations. Repeat while washing dishes for ten to twenty years until they register as white, invisible. Remove from night […]