TQ28 Table of Contents

Cover artwork courtesy of Francelise Dawkins.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“New Books: A Multimedia Roundtable” — curated by Mary-Kim Arnold 

Resisting the Plagues with Valerie Hsiung’s To Love an Artist — by Amanda Auerbach 

“Literary Acts of Resistance”: An Interview with Nazli Koca – curated by Wendy Chen

“An opportunity to marvel at it all”: A Conversation with Rachel Rueckert about East Winds: A Global Quest to Reckon with Marriage – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Subverting the sentence, paragraph and the page”: A Conversation with Xu Xi – curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Burned by the polar night”­—An Interview with Sámi poet Inger-Mari Aikio — curated by Ming Di  

 “Of the women, by the women, for the women”: An Interview with Xiao Yin, editor of the first Women’s Poetry Journal in China — curated by Ming Di  

“Rooted in my homeland by the Red River”: An Interview with ethnic Hani poet Gebu — curated by Ming Di  

“I resist tradition. I don’t want to be labeled as a Yi poet”: An Interview with “Still Black” Yi Wu — curated by Ming Di  

From Chicago to Uzès, Working with Words in a New Landscape: A Conversation with Translator Susanna Lang – curated by Naoko Fujimoto

“Le Livre Monstreux”: A Conversation with Kristina Marie Darling – curated by Karla Kelsey

I Will Tell You in Silence: A Conversation with Alla Vilnyanskaya about Void – curated by Tiffany Troy

“Treating Shadows Like Solid Things: A Conversation with Translator Mary Jo Bang about Dante’s Purgatorio”curated by Tiffany Troy 

“Rubbing a pummeled sky: A Conversation with Yerra Sugarman about Aunt Bird”curated by Tiffany Troy 

A Conversation with Poet and Editor Kalpna Singh-Chitnis about and a Poetry Selection from Sunflowers: Ukrainian Poems on War, Resistance, Hope and Peace – curated by Tiffany Troy 

“Whatever he was—for a moment—he flew:  A Conversation with Jeffrey Thomson about Museum of Objects Burned by the Souls in Purgatory” — curated by Tiffany Troy  

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Geet Chaturvedi “Race” and “IT” from The Amphibian – translated from the Hindi by Anita Gopalan
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Jean Follain A Portfolio of Poetry — translated by Andrew Seguin 
Curated & introduced by Naoko Fujimoto

Wendy Guerra“Delicates,” “Snow in Havana,” and “Déclassée” from Ropa Interior (Delicates) – translated from the Spanish by Nancy Naomi Carlson & Esperanza Hope Snyder
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Beau HopkinsTricing:  An Experimental Translation of Cesar Vallejo’s Trilce
Curated & introduced by Naoko Fujimoto

Sheng Keyi“The Love Experiment,” from The Metaphor Detox Centre – translated from the Chinese by Bruce Humes 
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Vasyl MakhnoThe Messiah from Smyrna — Translated by Ali Kinsella
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Alexander PushkinEugene Onegin I-III – translated from Russian by Ana Vasilie
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy 

Editors’ Selections in Visual Art 

Artists selected by Mary Kathryn Jablonski.

Lynne Browne

Francelise Dawkins

Willie Marlowe

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Brian BarkerSeven Visual Poems

Carrie GreenA Portfolio of Erasure Poetry

A Celebration of International Writing 

“The Breathing Borders of Latin America”

Curated & introduced by Ariel Francisco 

6 Mayan Glyph Poems by Hector Rolando Xol Choc (Aj Chab’in) – translated by Paul Worley

5 Mayan Glyph Poems by José Natividad Ic Xec – translated by Paul Worley

“I Enjoyed It” by Negma Coy – translated by Paul Worley

“A Game of You” by Wingston Gonzalez – translated by Urayoan Noel

“Lilith, Adam’s First Partner” by Elina Wechsler – translated by Carlie Hoffman

“Market” by Cristián Gómez Olivares – translated by Alexandra Lytton Regalado

“The Borders Marched Off” by Stephanie Alcantar – translated by Llana Luna

“Pico de Pajaro” by Violeta Orozco, translated by the author

A Celebration of International Writing 

Crossings:  A Portfolio of International Writing 

Curated & Introduced by Wendy Chen 

Qudsia AkhtarA Portfolio of Poetry 

Tim Tim ChengA Portfolio of Poetry 

Jay Gao“Eclogue I – Acacia mearnsii”

Aiden Heung“The Other Half of the World” & “Homebound”

Belle Ling“Tender Disturbance” & “This Little Fish”


Anindita Sengupta“A C-Pop star speaks of Time”

“Because English offers no feminine form of pelican”: A Portfolio of International Writing

Curated & Introduced by Eva Heisler 

Mark Tardifrom Seven False Starts

Marcus SleaseA Portfolio of Poetry

Laura WetheringtonFacing Forward on the Train from Eindhoven & Sitting Backward on the Train to Eindhoven

Haukur Ingvarsson from “Lost Cities”

Jenny Drai“The Arm in the Case”

Marianne Holm HansenA Portfolio of Poetry

Silence, Home, Exile: Women Poets from Nepal, Hong Kong, and the Philippines

Curated & Introduced by Henk Rossouw 

Mansi Dahal“when aama doesn’t see me for an entire year” & “dear america,”

Ariel So“Aubade” & “Restraint on 100 Chinese Silences”

Vyxz VasquezA Portfolio of Poetry

[T]his wobbling Logbook”: Poets from Uruguay, Spain, and Haiti in Translation

Curated & Introduced by Henk Rossouw 

Amanda Berenguerfrom La Dama de Elche translated by Kristin Dykstra

Jean D’Ameriquefrom No Way in the Skin Without This Bloody Embrace — translated by Conor Bracken 

Juan Andrés García RománA love supreme – translated by Nick Rattner

“War, Censorship, Love, Loss”:  A Portfolio of International Writing  

curated & introduced by Ming Di

Poetry from Ukraine:
Yuliya Musakovska (tr by Olena Jennings and the author)
Iya Kiva (tr by Amelia Glaser, Yuliya Ilchuk, Riccardo Duranti, Eugenia Kanishcheva & Katherine E. Young)
Vasyl Makhno (tr by Olena Jennings)
Iryna Shuvalova (tr by Patrick Corness)
Ella Yevtushenko (tr by the author)
Daryna Gladun: peace, n. & ambassadors of war (tr by Tatiana Bonch)
Lyuba Yakimchuk (tr by Svetlana Lavochkina)

Poetry from Hong Kong:       
Tammy Lai-Ming Ho: four poems
Sam Cheuk: Elegy 
Chris Song: In the Corner of a City under Siege (tr by Lucas Klein) & Paying Respects (tr by Tammy Lai-Ming Ho)
Marco Yan: In Defence of Impatience & A Night of Evolution
Lian-Hee Wee: a hybrid poem
Collier Nogues: Fleet Arcade, History is Knowing & Whitehead

Poetry from India:
Introduced by Arundhathi Subramaniam
Manohar Shetty
EV Ramakrishnan: A Portfolio of Poetry & an Essay
Ravi Shankar
Nirupama Dutt: A Portfolio of Poetry & an Essay
Kutti Revathi (tr from Tamil by Akilan Ethirajan)
Karthika Nair: Women of Uterrakhand & A Portfolio of Poetry 
Arundhathi Subramaniam

Poetry from Americas:
Olena Jennings (US)
Neil Aitken (Canada)
Ali Calderon (Mexico) tr by Ramón Flores Pinedo 
Mario Bojórquez (Mexico) tr by George Eklund
Christian Campbell (Bahamas/Trinidad & Tobago)
Narlan Matos (Brazil-US) tr by José F. Bañuelos-Montes & Sally Perret 
María Belén Milla Altabás (Peru)
Mario Melendez (Chile) tr by Jeremy Paden 
Alexandra Domínguez (Chile) tr by Jeremy Paden: Journey & Theology of the Unbeliever

Poetry from around the world:
Rira Abbasi (Iran) tr by Bijan Mottahedeh 
Toomaj Salehi (Iran) tr by Bijan Mottahedeh 
Najwan Darwish (Palestine) tr by by Kareem James Abu-Zeid
Lisa Katz (Israel) 
Deema Mahmood (Egypt) tr by Mimi Chang via Khalid Raissouni 
Togara Muzanenhamo (Zimbabwe)
Dimitris Angelis (Greece) tr by Vrasidas Karalis 
Javier Bozalongo (Spain) tr by Lawrence Schimel
Raquel Lanseros
(Spain) tr by the author
Lucia Cupertino (Italy) tr by Pina Piccolo 
Miroslav Kirin (Croatia) tr by the author
Kerry Shawn Keys (Lithuania)
Jennifer Wong (UK)
LK Holt (Australia)
Sirivathi (Thailand) tr by the author
Koko Thett (Myanmar) tr by the author: Ode to O & The Mistress of the House

Poetry from China: 
Aku Wuwu (tr from Chinese by Wang Ping)
Aku Wuwu (tr from Yi by Mark Bender & Lama Itzot)
Wu Niaoniao (tr from Chinese by Mimi Chang)
Li Suo (tr by Lucas Klein)
Shu Buyu (tr by Mimi Chang)
Huang Fan (tr by Margaret Ross)
Yang Xiaobin (tr by Canaan Morse) 
Li Shaojun (tr by Meifu Wang) 
Hu Xian (tr by Joan Xie) 
Hei Feng (tr by Wang Ping)
Wang Jiaxin (tr by Weijia Pan)