Daryna Gladun – peace, n. (by the author) and ambassadors of war translated by Tatiana Bonch


Daryna Gladun (1993) is a Ukrainian writer, translator, performing artist and researcher. She has won a number of Ukrainian and International poetry competitions and scholarships (such as ‘Word Coronation’, Oles Honchar Ukrainian-German literary award, Smoloskyp publishing house literary competition prize etc). Daryna Gladun is the author of two books of poetry, рубати дерево (to chop the tree), 2017, was one of the best poetry books of the year by Ukrainian literary critics, book reviewers, Intenational jury of Kovaliv Foundation Prize, book bloggers and readers. Her second book ІЗ ТІНІ КРАСИВИХ ЧЕРВОНИХ ХЛОПЧИКІВ (FROM THE SHADOW OF HANDSOME RED BOYS), 2020, touches upon topics of soviet and post-soviet experiences of the discriminated groups of people and became one of the best Ukrainian poetry books of 2020 according to PEN Ukraine, and it’s now going to be published in Poland translated by Janusz Radwański. Daryna Gladun is a participant of international residences and literary projects in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, and Poland. Her poems have been translated into over ten world languages.

Tatiana Bonch-Osmolovskaya is a prose writer, poet, philologist, literary critic, translator, organiser of cultural events, visual artist, and a human right activist. Author of twenty books in Russian, including books of prose, poetry and literary essays, Tatiana was born in Simpheropol (Crimea) and currently lives in Sydney, Australia.