Mario Bojórquez – excerpt from Song – translated by George Eklund


With a heavy wound, no longer the rope around the neck

With the empty noose and the long sorrow

That does not beg anymore

That does not beat the worm-eaten bone

Nor the last vision

Nearly unified here

I stand to remember shadows of another time

Moored to docks of the air

I start to remember and I say

Seven words a dull harvest for your cruel memory

Beyond the river

Where the city rests in its bright diving suit

Where I dreamed someday to return

In order to remain myself

Desires are fading away

There remains of me only a vague substance

That no longer names me

No longer containing all the vigor,

The luster of another burning time.


Field of onions

For your sad stroll

With the breeze bordering

Its spiritual leaf

In the furrow of flames

Opening itself

In the crack of the earth

With its bitter fruit

Its heart of air

In the tightened sky

Its fist of miseries

Decanted liquor

Of yellow almonds

Mario Bojórquez (1968) is a poet, editor and translator from  Mexico with numerous publications in poetry, translation (from Portugues to Spanish) and anthologies. He is a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores and has been honored with national and international awards including the Aguascalientes National Poetry Prize (2007), the Clemencia Isaura National Poetry Prize (1995), the Arts Prize of Literary Essay José Revueltas in 2010 and the Alhambra Prize of American Poetry in 2012. He is co-founder of the electronic literature magazine Círculo de Poesía.

George Eklund (1953) is professor emeritus at Morehead State University. His work has appeared in The American Poetry Review, Beloit Poetry Journal, Crazyhorse, Epoch, The Iowa Review, The Massachusetts Review, The New Ohio Review, The North American Review, Rio Grande Review, Sycamore Review and Willow Springs. His publications include two full length collections, The Island Blade (ABZ Press 2011) and Each Breath I Cannot Hold (Wind Publications 2011), and a chapbook from Finishing Line Press in 2012, Wanting To Be an Element. He is currently publishing translations of contemporary Latin American poets.