Chris Song – In the Corner of a City under Siege – translated by Lucas Klein

Chris Song Lucas Klein

Chris Song is a poet, translator, editor, and scholar from Hong Kong. He is the editor-in-chief of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine. Song splits his life between Hong Kong and Toronto. He is an assistant professor of English and Chinese translation at the University of Toronto.

Lucas Klein (PhD Yale) is a father, writer, translator, and associate professor of Chinese at Arizona State University. He is executive editor of the Hsu-Tang Library of Classical Chinese Literature (Oxford), author of The Organization of Distance (Brill, 2018), co-editor of Chinese Poetry and Translation (Amsterdam, 2019), and translator of Mang Ke (Zephyr, 2018), Li Shangyin(NYRB, 2018), Duo Duo (Yale, 2021), and Xi Chuan (New Directions, 2012, 2022).