TQ32 Table of Contents

Cover artwork courtesy of Wendy Ide Williams.

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features 

“Habits of Mind: Creative Practices toward Social Change: A Conversation with Kate Schapira” — curated by Mary-Kim Arnold 

“Leave behind what you know: A Conversation with Alexandra Chang on Tomb Sweeping” — curated by Wendy Chen

“In Epic Waters: A Conversation with Nathaniel Rosenthalis on The Leniad — curated by Wendy Chen 

“A Neverending Journey: A Conversation with Yilin Wang on The Lantern and the Night Moths” — curated by Wendy Chen

“What Does It Feel Like to Know You’re Talking to God: A Conversation with J.D. Schraffenberger on American Sad— curated by Wendy Chen

“Survival itself becomes a miracle when you’re living at the end of the world: A Conversation with Alexander Sammartino on Last Acts — curated by Wendy Chen

“High Lonesome:  A Conversation with Allison Titus About Poetry, Silence, and Thresholds”— curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“The book aims to fulfill a cultural mission: A Conversation with Kalpna Singh-Chitnis About Poetry, Social Justice, and Transformation” — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Suddenly I land in that world:  A Conversation with Nick Flynn About Collaboration & Hybridity”— curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Take Two:  A Conversation with Caroline & Vivian Thonger About Collaboration & Experimental Forms”curated by Kristina Marie Darling 

“Night, Brahms, Silence & Birds:  A Conversation with Julia Guez”—curated by Lisa Olstein 

“Like an Alphabet Somewhere Organizing & Reorganizing Itself:  A Conversation with Katie Peterson”—curated by Lisa Olstein 

“I Found a Home for Them in Poems: A Conversation with Michael Dumanis” — curated by Lisa Olstein

“Be Kind, Rewind—Where Poetry Meets Proust”: A Conversation with Katie Condon — curated by L.J. Sysko 

“our ♥s odd & splendid wouldn’t u say . . .:A Conversation with Michael Chang about Synthetic Jungle— curated by Tiffany Troy

“No moon tonight but the white bells of a woman’s eyes:A Conversation with Carlie Hoffman about When There Was Light” — curated by Tiffany Troy 

“We’d sit around, sweating, at the table of sitting together: A Conversation with Matthew Lippman about We Are All Sleeping With Our Sneakers On— curated by Tiffany Troy

“Company in the void: A Conversation with Catherine Barnett about Solutions for the Problem of Bodies in Space— curated by Tiffany Troy

“A Conversation with Diane Mehta about myth, fallibility, and plot twists”— curated by Tiffany Troy

“Red is the highest hue in the rainbow:  A Conversation with Rose McLarney about Colorfast”—curated by Tiffany Troy

“The Moon Between Them: A Conversation about Grief, Love, and Ill-Fitting Shoes with Lauren Aliza Green, author of The World After Alice”—curated by Tiffany Troy

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Gale BatchelderA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Daniel Borzutzky “Fungus:  A Poem in Five Acts”
Curated & introduced by Henk Rossouw 

Roger CraikA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Maya KlinenbergA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Mina KhanA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Kyle LiangA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Juan Pablo Mobili A Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Frederick SpeersA Portfolio of Poetry 
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling 

Claire Tuna“Serendipity and Mishap in the Work of Ed Ruscha”
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Abigail Ardelle Zammit “Ruta 27”
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling 

Editors Selections in Translation

Jaewon Chefrom How do u want me (working title) — translated from the Korean by Jenny Jisun Kim with Translators’ Note
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Yuan Ch’iung-ch’iung“Women” — translated from the Chinese by Enshia Li
Curated & introduced by Tiffany Troy

Gioele GaleaA Portfolio of Poetry — translated from the Maltese by Abigail Ardelle Zammit
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling 

Robert Eric Shoemakerfrom The Lorca Book
Curated & introduced by Naoko Fujimoto

Editor’s Selections in Visual Art 

Each artist selected & introduced by Mary Kathryn Jablonski 

Wendy Ide Williams

Yeachin Tsai

Ruby Silvious

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts 

Chinese Artists & Organizers Collective“Undying Springs: Translated Community Poetry & Photography” 

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher“Excavation” & “Crossing” 

Joshua Gottlieb-Miller & Philip Karjeker“The Art of the Spiel:  Idols”

Rory Strong & Phaye Poliakoff-Chen“Sorry I’m Late” 

Chris CampanioniWindows 85

The Poetics of Alterity:  Three Folios 

Alterity & Emergence: A Feminist Folio 
Curated & introduced by Karla Kelsey 

Complete Folio

Claire Marie Stancek
from of care as of this encounter

María Baranda
from Atlantica and the Rustic
Translated from Spanish by Lara Crystal-Ornelas

poupeh missaghi 
from Flowers in Bloom an UnBordered Encyclopedia 
پامچال / Pamtchal / Primrose

Anna Mendelssohn
What a Performance | Extracts
Edited and Introduced by Sara Crangle 

Carla Harryman
from Scales for the Living

Carla Harryman & Jon Raskin
Performance of “Bearings” from Scales for the Living

Alterity & History
Curated & introduced by Wendy Chen

Patrick Dundon “When I Miss Them I Pretend They Don’t Exist & “First Love”

Emelie Griffin“Winter Where I am” & “Aspects of the Feminine” 

Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez “Examination of Candy, Island Witch”

Andrew Nicholson  — “First Principles” & “Etymology” 

Jan Verberkmoes“White Dreams the Deer,” “Bubo bubo tibetanus / Eurasian Eagle-owl / Uhu” & “Grus nigricollis / Black-necked Crane / Schwarzhalskranich” 

kathy wu“White Asters,” “Tu,” “Moon / Mom,” & “Rhodendendron”  

Nine Windows 九叶窗
Curated & introduced by Ming Di

Katica Kulavkova
from N. Macedonia writing in Macedonian

Keshab Sigdel
from Nepal writing in Nepali

Gouthama Siddarthan
from India writing in Tamil

Mong San
from Myanmar writing in Arakan

Rui Cóias
from Portugal writing in Portuguese

Asu Sumur
from China writing in Xibe and Chinese

Adaw Palaf
from Taiwan writing in Chinese and Amis

Dulce Chiang
from Mexico writing in Spanish and English

Jiaoyang Li
from China writing in English and Chinese

TQ32 Poetry Prize 


KB Kinkel “The Spirit Too Has Mastered Its Illusions” 

Judge’s Citation by Oliver de la Paz 


Ayesha Asad“Father Fish II”

Fay Dillof “Home Movie” 

Alison GranucciA Portfolio of Poetry 

Nadine Hitchener“Night Errands” 

Melissa McKinstry “Vilomah” 

Sati Mookherjee“Masnawī in Teental”

SJ Pearce “Couplet with Federico Garcia Lorca’s ‘Ode to Walt Whitman’”

Brian Simoneau“To the Museum of Natural History Docent” 

Rodrigo Toscano “Habilitas” 

Abigail Ardelle Zammit “A Portfolio of Poetry” 

TQ32 Prose Open Prize 


Rebecca Jamieson “Sewing White Supremacy” 

Judge’s Citation by Nick Flynn 


Alana Dao“Feeding the Ducks” 

Mauricio Gonzalez-Aranda“Suppli” 

Kelle Groom“Life on Another Planet” 

Hannah Choteau Merriman“In the Queue” 

George Young“Three Triptychs”

A Celebration of Literary Criticism 

Miriam Calleja on Elegy for My Tongue by Saba Husain and Then telling be the antidote by Xiao Yue Shan

Shannon Vare Christine on Adrie Kusserow’s The Trauma Mantras 

Shannon Vare Christine on What Happened Was by Katharine Haake 

Shannon Vare Christine on Love Letters to Ukraine from Uyava by Kalpna Singh-Chitnis 

Karin Falcone on An Eye in Each Square by Lauren Camp & Extraordinary Tides by Pattie McCarthy 

Sandra Fees on Stephen Massimilla’s Frank Dark 

Jenny Grassl on Robert Carr’s The Heavy of Human Clouds

Danielle Hanson on Clifford Garstang’s The Last Bird of Paradise

A.E. Hines on Russell Karrick’s The Way Back 

A.E. Hines on Morri Creech’s The Sentence 

Kirsten McAteer on Katie Didden’s Ore Choir 

Kirsten McAteer on Meredith Stricker’s Rewild