Jan Verberkmoes — “White Dreams the Deer,” “Bubo bubo tibetanus / Eurasian Eagle-owl / Uhu” & “Grus nigricollis / Black-necked Crane / Schwarzhalskranich”

From 1934-36, German zoologist Ernst Schäfer and American naturalist Brooke Dolan II conducted a natural history expedition across Tibet and China—their second of the decade. They collected roughly 3,000 birds over the course of this trip, including species and subspecies new to Linnaean taxonomy. The birds were then transported back to the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin, where they remain today.


Jan Verberkmoes is the author of Firewatch (Fonograf Editions, 2021). She is co-editor of Propeller Books Contemporary Poetry Series and co-founder of the micropress Condensery:. The recipient of a Pushcart Prize, a Stadler Fellowship, and Fulbright Fellowships, she is now pursuing her PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Denver.