An Introduction to Maya Klinenberg by Tiffany Troy

Maya Klinenberg’s poetry series, “Shades of Heartbreak,” shows us what heartbreak can look like, in both romantic and platonic love. The speaker in her poems addresses different “you’s” as a way to more deeply understand experiences with previous partners and friends. Klinenberg explores facets of love, grief, self-worth, and loss of connection. In one of the poems addressed to her friend, she writes: “I am so afraid / that if I give up on you, / I’m giving up / on a part of myself.”

Maya Klinenberg is a poet, educator, and editor. She graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a BA in Creative Writing and has a certificate in Editing & Publishing from UCLA Extension. Maya also holds a Montessori teaching credential and has nearly a decade of experience as a child educator. She hopes to one day combine her interests in children’s education and editing and become a children’s or young adult book publisher. Maya is currently Book Review Co-Editor for the Los Angeles Review as well as the Education Coordinator for Tupelo Quarterly. She resides in Los Angeles with her partner and two cats.