Dulce Chiang (from Mexico writing in Spanish and English)


Take Tao Yuanming putao jiu
and know yourself to be lord of the five willows.

Huang Jiu libate LiBo, the moon and your shadow,
vague offshoots that the milky way hesitating, round and round and round, links.

Joyful genius,
at the divine hiss of a sweet dew
his brain succumbs.
Su Dongpo, his bai jiu drinks.

The path of drunkenness has no meaning if it does not lead to freedom.


Burns in the heat of its lack of fever.
Sings with a voice full of silence.

Kamikaze who falls first the last fall,
illuminates with a roar full of darkness.


Floating in liquid bronze,
she raises the barrel to the Good Serpent:
“every wounded drinker who tastes it will live!”

The jaws of the one that stands inert,
death do not ditile from Paradise


What the earth feels,
what the earth is silent about,
the admirable leaf can decipher.

From its wound, sacred blood comes out.
Mead comes out.
Fermented pulque comes out.

The mezcalero master unstitches sparkles
out of this scars cumuli.


Prowls the Mexican death,
sorrowful, sapphire agave.

The Mexcatlipoca
has already extracted your scream from your mouth.
He has already removed your memory from your oblivion.

He is going to inject your veins with unpunished worms.


Toma Tao Yuanming putao jiu
y sábese señor de los cinco sauces.

Huang Jiu liban LiBo, la luna y su sombra,
vagos vástagos que la vía láctea vacilantes, vuelta y vuelta vincula.

Genio gozoso,
al siseo divino del dulce rocío
su sesera sucumbe.
Su Dongpo, su bai jiu bebe.

No tiene el camino de la embriaguez sentido si no conduce a la libertad.


Arde al calor de su falta de fiebre.
Canta con una voz llena de silencio.

Kamikaze que primero cae la última caída,
ilumina con un estruendo pleno de oscuridad.


Flotando en líquido bronce
eleva el cantinero a la Buena Serpiente:

“¡todo herido bebedor que la pruebe,

Las fauces de la que se yergue inerte,
muerte no destilan
en el Paraíso.


Lo que siente, lo que calla la tierra,
la admirable penca puede descifrarlo.

Por su herida, sacra casera sangre saca.
Saca aguamiel.
Fermentado pulque saca.

Descose destellos el maestro mezcalero
de este cúmulo de cicatrices.


Merodéate la mexicana muerte,
triste azul agave.

La Mexcatlipoca
ya extrajo de tu boca el grito.
Ya extirpó de tu olvido la memoria.

Te va a inyectar impunes gusanos
en las venas.

Dulce Chiang is a poet, performing artist and cultural manager. Born in Mexico City, graduated in administration and specialized in governance, she also has a degree in Literary Creation by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL) at Mexico. She has published 4 collections of poems: versa per versa (Culthos Press), Suculento Ser (included in Juan Sebastian retrospective/ Lunwerg), Elíxires de la Embriaguez and Mala bar, (Linares/El Golem editors), as well as poetry in numerous anthologies in Mexico, Latin America and Spain. She is the web editor of El Golem Digital Literary Magazine (www.revistaelgolem.com), director of the International Festival of Poetry written by Women “Vértice Violeta”- which is held every year at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico- and director of the Center for Literary Creation Xavier Villaurrutia of the National Literature Coordination of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature of Mexico. Likewise, she serves as coordinator of the Grito de Mujer World Festival for Mexico City. In other scenic-literary activities, her humorous-political theater scripts have been taken to international stages, including the Teatro de la Ciudad Esperanza Iris in Mexico, the Gallerié Constance in Paris and the Casa de México in Madrid. She has participated in numerous international literary meetings and festivals in countries such as México, Bolivia, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, France, India and the U.S.A.