Ming Di

Ming Di was born and grew up in China, came to America to study, and taught at BU before moving to California. She is co-founder and editor of Poetry East West, a bilingual literary journal published in Los Angeles and Beijing where she divides her time at present. Author of six collections of poetry in Chinese and one in English translation, River Merchant’s Wife (Marick Press 2012), she also translates poetry and literary essays from English to Chinese with three volumes published and two more forthcoming in China; and from Chinese to English: she is the editor and co-translator of New Cathay – Contemporary Chinese Poetry (Tupelo Press 2013), and has co-translated (with Neil Aitken) The Book of Cranes forthcoming from Tupelo Press. She has received Henry Luce Foundation Fellowship for translation residency at Vermont Studio Center. Ming Di looks for translations that are brilliant and brave.

“Change life” as Rimbaud said—An Interview with French Poet Francis Combes—by Ming Di

Francis Combes’ books of poetry include La Fabrique du bonheur, Cause commune and La Clef du monde est dans l’entree a gauche. He has also published two novels and, with his wife Patricia Latour, Conversation avec Henri Lefebvre. He is a founder of the radical publishing cooperative, Le Temps des Cerises, and was for […]

“Sound follows the sense and sense follows the sound”—An Interview with Mexican Poet Alí Calderón – curated by Ming Di

Alí Calderón (1982, Mexico City) is a poet and literary critic. Author of Imago prima (2005), Ser en el mundo (2008), De naufragios y rescates (2011), En agua rápida (2013), and Las correspondencias (2015). He received the prizes of Poetry Ramón López Velarde (2004) and Benemérito de América (2007), and was […]

“‘Imaginary Gardens’: A Conversation with Jan Wagner & a Portfolio of New Poems” – curated by Ming Di

Jan Wagner (b.1971) has won numerous awards including the Leipzig Book Fair Prize (2015, first time ever awarded to a poet) and the highest award in German literature, the Georg-Büchner-Prize (2017). He was born in Hamburg and has been living in Berlin since 1995. Poet, essayist, and translator of Anglo-American […]

‘The world which is a kind of afterworld’: A Conversation with Dutch Poet Anneka Brassinga, curated by Ming Di

    Anneke Brassinga, born in 1948 at Schaarsbergen, Holland, did translation studies at the University of Amsterdam 1967 – 1972. She has been a free-lance literary translator from English, French, and German. She has been writing poetry and essays since 1984, winning several prizes, including P.C. Hooft-Prijs 2015.   […]

‘I’ll tuck the horizon under my heels’: A Conversation with Russian Poet Natalia Azarova, curated by Ming Di

    Natalia Azarova was born in 1956 in Moscow, graduated from Moscow State University with BA in Spanish philology, and then obtained a PhD from the Institute of Linguistics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, where she currently serves as a senior fellow and head of The Center of […]

‘We can each dream to be a different poet from who we are’: A Conversation with Galician Poet Yolanda Castaño, curated by Ming Di

Yolanda Castaño (1977-) is a poet, editor, columnist, and culture manager (Galician Audiovisual Academy Award as ‘Best TV Communicator 2005’). She has published 6 poetry books in Galician and Spanish (“Depth of Field” and “The second tongue” are her last titles). She has won the National Critics Award, the Espiral […]

“The language of our dreams”: A Conversation with Indonesian Poet Saut Situmorang, curated by Ming Di

Saut Situmorang (1966-), born in North Sumatera of Indonesia but raised in its capital Medan, spent eleven years (1989-2000) as an immigrant in New Zealand where he did his BA in English Literature and MA in Indonesian Literature. He was also actively involved in the underground poetry readings in New […]

“‘I keep finding poetry outside its ordinary territories’: A Conversation with Japanese Poet Yasuhiro Yotsumoto” by Ming Di

    Born in Osaka, Japan in 1959 and growing up mostly in Hiroshima, Yasuhiro published his first book of poetry A Laughing Bug in 1991, followed by 10 more collections including Modern Japan Poetry Diary (現代ニッポン詩日記)(2015), Prisoner of Japanese (日本語の虜囚) (2012 Ayukawa Nobuo Award), “Hijacking Logos (言語ジャック) (2010), Muddy […]