Robin Myers

Robin Myers (New York, 1987) is a freelance translator based in Mexico City. She received an honorable mention in the Atlantic Monthly 2008 Poetry Contest; her work has appeared in the Kenyon Review, Hilda Magazine and Transtierros, and is forthcoming in Dogwood: a Journal of Poetry and Prose.

The Gleam by Robin Myers

    We dig deep into the earth, Nina. We cut it up. We do not try to fix it. We lurch in circles underneath, we string lights where there is no light, we will do anything to go faster than we can go alone. We point our guns at […]

Light by Robin Myers

  “I think it is all light at the end; I think it is air.” Larry Levis   I think it is all light at the end. But not, in the end, because it is beautiful or temporary, or even solemn in these ways. Once,   I was in love […]