Daily Archives: November 14, 2019

“Built a Fire, Did a Little Magic”: A Micro-(inter)-view with Timothy Donnelly – curated by Lisa Olstein

Timothy Donnelly is the author of The Problem of the Many (Wave Books, 2019), The Cloud Corporation (Wave Books, 2010), which won the 2012 Kingsley Tufts Poetry Award, and Twenty-seven Props for a Production of Eine Lebenszeit (Grove, 2003). His chapbook Hymn to Life was recently published by Factory Hollow […]

Home Movie, Nowhere [Triptych] by Julia Madsen

Process Note This multimedia piece from my dissertation entitled “Home Movie, Nowhere” is rooted in the documentary poetics of place and includes a triptych of three video poems. These videos personally document the American Midwest through the aesthetic lens of the Midwestern Gothic, attempting to reimagine or re-vision the idea […]

Moon 1 by Adam Tedesco

Process Note These videos grew out of a split chapbook I made with Anna Kreienberg. While there were only 25 copies made, which were then distributed at a reading in March of 2015, these videos have been screened at a number of venues.   ______________________________________________________________________________________     ______________________________________________________________________________________   Born […]

“States of flailing and difficulty”: A Conversation with Prageeta Sharma about Writing and Grieving – curated by Cassandra Cleghorn

Prageeta Sharma is the author of the poetry collections Grief Sequence (Wave Books, 2019), Undergloom (Fence Books, 2013), Infamous Landscapes (Fence Books, 2007), The Opening Question (Fence Books, 2004), which won the 2004 Fence Modern Poets Prize, and Bliss to Fill (Subpress, 2000). She is the founder of the conference Thinking Its Presence: […]