Jesse Lee Kercheval

Jesse Lee Kercheval is the author of 13 books of poetry, fiction, and memoir in including Cinema Muto, winner of the Crab Orchard Open Selection Award and The Alice Stories, winner of the Prairie Schooner Fiction Book Prize, as well as a translator specializing in Uruguayan poetry. She is the editor of América invertida: an anthology of younger Uruguayan poets which is forthcoming from the University of New Mexico Press.

Una traición más alta: Contemporary Mexican Poets, edited by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Ezequiel Zaidenwerg

As a translator of Uruguayan poetry, I am always telling the world that Uruguay is a country full of poets. And that’s true. But it is also a country with a population of 3.3 million. Mexico is a country of poets—with a population of 126 million. I love sheer quantity […]

Translation Feature: Mexico, Uruguay, Two Poets in Conversation Across Generations – curated and introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Until now, all my editorial features as a translation editor for Tupelo Quarterly have had fairly tight themes. In  TQ 15, “Cities Built from Poems: Poetry of Place” featured poems written about five great cities of the world: Havana, Montevideo, Paris, Moscow, Warsaw. In TQ 14, the idea for “An […]

A folio of poems by Enrique Ricardo Garet, translated by Adam Giannelli

      A poet and journalist, Enrique Ricardo Garet (1904-1979) was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. He is the author of one book of poetry, Paracaídas(Parachute; 1927), which describes life in Montevideo, particularly in its cafes. Adam Giannelli is the author of Tremulous Hinge (University of Iowa Press, 2017), winner […]

A folio of poems by Sergio Loo, translated by Efraín Velasco & Mark Statman

      Sergio Loo (Mexico City, 1982 – 2014) was a prolific Mexican writer at the forefront of contemporary queer Latinx poetics. Prior to his death from cancer at the age of thirty-one, he authored several collections of poetry, including Sus brazos labios en mi boca rodando (2007); a novel,House: […]

“Cities Built from Poems: Poetry of Place”— curated and introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

An Introduction by Jesse Lee Kercheval  Suddenly everyone seems to be talking and writing about poetry of place. Some of this stems from the current interest in eco-poetics. Magazines like Terrain, Ecotone, Orion and others feature poetry of place, rooted in the natural world, as a means to explore what […]

“An (Imaginary) Poetry Reading in Montevideo, Uruguay: A Portfolio of New Writing in Translation” – curated and introduced by Jesse Lee Kercheval

  An (Imaginary) Poetry Reading in Montevideo, Uruguay:  An Introduction by Jesse Lee Kercheval This year I am back in Uruguay, on sabbatical from teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I arrived in Montevideo, the capitol, at the beginning of November and since then it has been non-stop poetry readings […]

A Selection of Poems by Selva Casal, translated from the Spanish by Jeannine Pitas     Selva Casal (b. 1930) is the author of fifteen books of poetry. A former lawyer and professor of sociology, Casal is inspired by her experiences working with people who have faced injustice. She resides in Montevideo, Uruguay.   Jeannine Marie Pitas is the author of […]