Daily Archives: October 14, 2017

A Biography of Women in the Sea: Snake Sisters by Jennifer Cheng

    Inside her dress, an envelope. Inside her dress, disembodied [      ]. Stitching of her girlish traces, maw-soaked daydreams—we could call it shadow-play, a bowl of wishbones, fish skeletons, or everything you need to unwind those lines. Inside her dress: embodied prescriptions. She was trying to say somewhere here while […]

Close Encounters by Jessica Baran

    The constitution is pretty clear beyond the emissions test: follow the reports of who’s best in show and who’s a late-night comic’s nightmare. She revealed certain generational rifts among women, sounding out a musical message tapped out on toddler’s chimes. Bringing the courts back down to earth was […]

Plot for Film by Jessica Baran

    Alternately dazzling, oppressive and nuts, getting rid of Rita made life hunky-dory. It mostly came down to that great problem of fatalism, how people are so familiar with it. Her story made sense to first-time viewers; no one was thrown. The bet seemed to be: keep looking, and […]

Uncle Leyb by Mikaelo Bronshten, translated by Sebastian Schulman

  Uncle Leyb’s nose looked almost like a fleshy potato, red-blue against his pale, still face, which appeared practically unwrinkled from a distance. Maybe there were wrinkles, even quite a few, but they were hidden beneath a few days of thick and yellow-grey stubble. Berl the Barber, ever the rational […]