Jessica Baran

Jessica Baran is the author of three poetry collections, most recently Common Sense (Lost Roads Press, 2016). Her poems and art criticism have appeared in numerous journals, including Flash Art, A Public Space, BOMB and Poor Claudia. With Ted Mathys, she co-curates the 100 Boots Poetry Series at the Pulitzer Arts Foundation in St. Louis, where she lives.

Close Encounters by Jessica Baran

    The constitution is pretty clear beyond the emissions test: follow the reports of who’s best in show and who’s a late-night comic’s nightmare. She revealed certain generational rifts among women, sounding out a musical message tapped out on toddler’s chimes. Bringing the courts back down to earth was […]

Plot for Film by Jessica Baran

    Alternately dazzling, oppressive and nuts, getting rid of Rita made life hunky-dory. It mostly came down to that great problem of fatalism, how people are so familiar with it. Her story made sense to first-time viewers; no one was thrown. The bet seemed to be: keep looking, and […]