Marlee Gaffey

My Suburbs by Max Seifert

    To the fourteen autonomous regions of my body hairs, welcome. Toes—good evening, are you blue? If the branch of the crape myrtle split you lengthwise, femur, would you thank it? You there, solar plexus, do you wince? Do you really see yourselves like two anti-naval mines long forgotten […]

Golden Hour by Nancy Reddy

    When they lift the baby to my chest, his skin’s still slick with clots of vernix. The soft plates of his skull are compressed into a cone, and his dark hair is damp with amniotic fluid. I inhale the unwashed funk and watch as this tiny naked mammal […]

Medusa Surrenders by Chad Foret

    Strangers always tried to touch                   my hair. They said, Why not wear                 a hat if you don’t want attention?   I’m sorry if my body is alive. I have                   to beg my head to hold its tongue.                 So much as a hiss & it’s solitary.   […]

Consumed by Jessica Lee

    Eyes blue behind scratched shades, we rubbed ourselves with olive oil left imprints on the pool’s wet deck. If our hips were still small enough to fit in swings, how big were our little outlines? This is how the Greeks did it, we figured, achieved that olive glow, […]

Flying Fox by Kristi Maxwell

    a beautiful outlaw   Bad press? Add ache. Deter meme-streak: assure them, we’re death-mask empaths—just breeze-captured ash, steered here. See a TV? Act mute. Erase a week? Act dazed. What address redresses mar: madam, dear, the best? Here’s a muse-blast: we’re cash at a web’s cashed ATM, ether […]