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Michael Goodwin

  SPLIT SECONDS: THE LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS OF MICHAEL GOODWIN a micro-interview with Elaine Sexton   ELAINE SEXTON: These landscapes have great presence. You seem to have stilled something fleeting, like memory, a moment in which the clouds in the sky looked spectacular or the light shaded the trees on a given day, something forgotten until […]

“Rebellion flourishes in constraint”: A Conversation with Jane Wong & A Folio of New Poems – curated by Kristina Marie Darling

Jane Wong‘s poems can be found in Best American Poetry 2015, American Poetry Review, AGNI, Poetry, and others. A Kundiman fellow, she is the recipient of a Pushcart Prize and fellowships from the U.S. Fulbright Program, the Fine Arts Work Center, Hedgebrook, and Bread Loaf. She is the author of Overpour (Action Books, 2016) and […]

My Suburbs by Max Seifert

    To the fourteen autonomous regions of my body hairs, welcome. Toes—good evening, are you blue? If the branch of the crape myrtle split you lengthwise, femur, would you thank it? You there, solar plexus, do you wince? Do you really see yourselves like two anti-naval mines long forgotten […]

Golden Hour by Nancy Reddy

    When they lift the baby to my chest, his skin’s still slick with clots of vernix. The soft plates of his skull are compressed into a cone, and his dark hair is damp with amniotic fluid. I inhale the unwashed funk and watch as this tiny naked mammal […]


A Process Note These crossword poems are from a hybrid manuscript-in-process, The Stork Rides Shotgun: statistically significant poems. I created the form of the crossword poem™ during a December 2018 residency at Caldera. My goals were three-fold: 1) to redesign lyric ways of knowing the world with the user’s [non-poet’s] […]