Una traición más alta: Contemporary Mexican Poets, II – edited by Jesse Lee Kercheval and Ezequiel Zaidenwerg

This is the second half of the feature on contemporary Mexican poets, curated by the Argentinian poet and translator Ezequiel Zaidenwerg and myself. The first one in TQ 20 featured an introduction by me, an interview with Zaidenwerg and the work of five poets. You can read it here.

This one features five contemporary Mexican poets more: Alejandro Albarrán Polanco, translated by Rachel Galvin, Paula Abramo, translated by Dick Cluster, Hernán Bravo Varela and Dolores Dorantes, both translated by Robin Myers, and Óscar de Pablo, translated by Janet Hendrickson.

As I mentioned in my introduction in TQ 20, Mexico is a country with a population of 126 million and an incredibly rich and diverse poetic tradition, so these two features only offer the smallest sampling but one that I hope inspires readers to seek out more of this wonderful work.

-Jesse Lee Kercheval


Paula Abramo, translations from the Spanish and Portuguese by Dick Cluster >>


Alejandro Albarrán Polanco, translation from the Spanish by Rachel Galvin >>


Óscar de Pablo, translation from the Spanish by Janet Hendrickson >>


Dolores Dorantes, translation from the Spanish by Robin Myers >>


Hernán Bravo Varela, translation from the Spanish by Robin Myers >>