Graham Apol

An Introduction to JP Grasser by Tony Trigilio

    JP Grasser’s poems are rooted in the “mammoth sense” of direct experience. They are immersed in the physical world while also wryly suspicious of language’s tendency to objectify nature into abstract conceptualizations. In compressed, sculpted language and taut line trajectories, Grasser’s poems resist the desire to make a […]

Pathetic Fallacy by JP Grasser

    The stillborn calf drops to the ground, all wet & good, smelling of life freshly—; out in the fields, the objective fields, winter entrenches itself, frost-heaves between walls of bright feedcorn, so gleeful, mistakenly so—; our best dogwoods lust after a scent, anything, anything that isn’t their own, […]

An Introduction to Ashanti Anderson by Simone Muench

Ashanti Anderson’s three poems presented here—”Self-Portrait as Overseer,” “Self Portrait in Blackface, and “Resignation” are from her forthcoming manuscript Black Under from Black Lawrence Press in 2021. These are pieces that document atrocities while singing. The poems are powerful as single entities, but they accrue additional potency when presented together, […]