Elasticine by LaDonna Witmer

Author’s Notes

My husband and I were traveling a lot to all these gorgeous locations and I would say, “I wish I could shoot a cinépoem here.” And he’d say, “Why not? Let’s do it.” So you’ll see a few of my cinépoems in international locales (Venice, Dublin, Prague, Paris) were shot by my husband—most of them as photos that we later stitched together to tell a story. Sometimes, as with Elasticine, the cinépoem shoot would take up an entire day because there were so many sights I wanted to include in the poem.

Fun Fact: My friend Robert is a French teacher, so he’s the one speaking French in the recording. We snuck in a few dirty phrases just for kicks.







LaDonna is a writer, poet, speaker, editor, mother, organizer of closets, comber of beaches, rider of motorcycles, and baker of cookies. She lives in San Francisco with her people, dog, and tiny parrot, and is always plotting her next international getaway.