Gary McDowell

Gary L. McDowell is the author of Weeping at a Stranger’s Funeral (Dream Horse Press, forthcoming) and American Amen (Dream Horse Press, 2010) and is the co-editor of The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry (Rose Metal Press, 2010). He lives in Nashville, TN.

The Museum by Gary McDowell

All lies have basic truths in common: buzzards’ll flat clean the vermin up Lies always takes an adjective Today, my son: I’m the king of circles! Welcome to my square castle It’s like that, this museum This museum of gunshots and warmth as reminder, of young lovers and chalkboards This […]

Laughter by Gary McDowell

She dreams she lost her leg in an accident, her tongue in a keyhole. Mirrors aren’t vain, they’re revisionary. At the corner gas station a local MC gives away mix tapes and sells hand-rolled cigars. He asks what I do. I tell him I’m a poet. Mister poet, brotha poet, […]

Come Morning by Gary McDowell

From the air irrigation canals look like hands with their fingers spread wide, stretching to palm their fields—and also like an artery, its vascular malformations ridged and lodged into place: any breathing up here is done with a river’s patience. This fall a coyote, brown-backed, silver-haunched, crossed the broken cornfield […]