TQ26 Table of Contents

Cover Artwork Courtesy of Jenny Grassl

Editor’s Note by Kristina Marie Darling

Editorial Features

“We continue to consume the things that are consuming us”: A Conversation with Alex Mattraw & a Portfolio of Multi-Disciplinary Work — curated by Mary- Kim Arnold

The Slaughterhouse and Sanctuaries of Angelo Mao’s Abattoirby Amanda Auerbach

“From counting syllables religiously to letting the page’s white space speak”: A Conversation with Poet, Editor, & Entrepreneur Nick Courtright — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“I bring ideas into conversation”: A Conversation with Diarist & Antipoet Kenning JP Garcia — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

The Distaff Side: A Conversation with Mary Leader about Poetry, Feminism, and Textiles – curated by Kristina Marie Darling — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“An image flares with story, idea, and philosophy”: A Conversation with Poet & Visual Artist Jenny Grassl — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

“Into the underworld of what is beneath the official narrative”: A Conversation with Sam Taylor about Poetry, Hybridity, and Erasure — curated by Kristina Marie Darling

Fragments of the Vanishing Speech: Contemporary Slovak Poetry II — curated by Lucia Duero & Jesse Lee Kercheval

a nebulous shapeshifting thing: I want to stay up in the dark, as if I were the sun: A Conversation with Michael Haight and Cutter Streeby about their newest collaboration Tension: Rupture — curated by Tiffany Troy

Don’t Forget the Wind: An Interview with Rohan Chhetri about his newest poetry collection, Lost, Hurt, or in Transit Beautiful —curated by Tiffany Troy

When our greatest emergencies emerge through art: An Interview with Santiago Zabala about Why Only Art Can Save Us — curated by Tiffany Troy

Editors’ Selections in Poetry & Prose

Grant Chemidlin“Celebrity”
Curated & introduced by Victoria Chang

Keith Leonard“Cool” & “Abecedarian for New Parents”
Curated & introduced by Brad Aaron Modlin

Denton Loving“Letter to My Lover as Abraham Lincoln”
Curated & introduced by Linda Michel-Cassidy

Dana RoeserA Portfolio of Poetry
Curated & introduced by Kristina Marie Darling

Ismael Santillanes“I saw her today again but this time”
Curated & introduced by Victoria Chang

Eric Tran “Bentyl” & “Nocturne”
Curated & introduced by Brad Aaron Modlin

Editors’ Sections in Visual Art

Each artist selected by Kristina Marie Darling

Jenny Grassl

Kalina Winksa

Each artist selected by Mary Kathryn Jablonski

Gina Occhiogrosso

Laura Von Rosk

Deborah Zlotsky

Each artist selected by David Powell

Allan Bealy

Galen Cheney

Athena Petra Tasiopoulos

Collaborative & Cross-Disciplinary Texts

Joanne Diaz & Jason Reblandofrom La Ruta: Walter Benjamin’s Final Passage

Kasey Hund“Flowers of Service”: A Portfolio of Collages

Nick Flynn“Hive”: A Portfolio of Poetry & Collages

Karyna McGlynn“The Oracle of Open Secrets”: A Portfolio of Collages

Kiera O’Brien“Holes in the Weather: An Excerpt”

Sarah SousaA Portfolio of Visual Poetry


Hussain Ahmed“Ashes” & “Departure”

Diannely Antigua“Diary Entry #6: Sestina”

Darius Atefat-Peckham“Post-Loss Checklist”

Gale Batchelder“Camber,” “Most of Us, Early or Late” & “I still think…”

Rise Kavelshar Collins“Threnody” & “Decrescent Moon”

Jenny GrasslA Folio of Poetry

Rena Grossman“Signs of Danger”

Korey Humi“Pomade”

Nazifa Islam “The Feminine Experience”

Sophie Klahr & Corey Zeller “Coming Back,” “Sacred Heart,” “I’m Fine Thanks” & “Elegy for Bunny”

Alyse Knorr“Post-Partum”

Cassidy McFadzean“Fretful” & “Chamber Music”

Matthew Moniz“James Armistead Lafayette,” “The Re-Enactors” & “Jesus and the Whip”

Michael Montlack“Satyr” & “Believe”

Bryce O’Tierney“Richter scale”


Yamini Pathak“Perimenopause: A Burning Haibun”

Daniel RuizA Folio of Poetry

Bo Schwabacher“My Omma’s Shame” & “1963”

Kate Sontag“Clearing” & “Quarantine”

Kelly Grace Thomas“Crocodiles Lived Among the Dinosaurs”


Tara Ballard“‘The Wandering Shape of You’: Evidence and Recollection in Iliana Rocha’s The Many Deaths of Inocencio Rodriguez”

Kate Bolton Bonnici“Ritual”

Jan Clausen“In Humboldt County”

Nick Courtright “Whitman as (Non)Transcendentalist: Criticism and the Rearview Mirror of Consensus” & “Astronomy and the Uneducated Acolyte of Science: The Archive’s Haves and Have Nots”

Katie DePasquale“Men Dress as Unicorns, and You Won’t Believe What Happens Next”

Pune Dracker“How low we could go”

Carol Guess “Sleep Tight Satellite” & “The Next Story”

Richard Holeton“June Swoon, 1994”

Karin Falcone Krieger “Women Who Run with the Words: Meads, Farris & Chinquee Take Prose to Wild Places”

Aimee Parkison“The Actress Invites Me” & “Strangers Come in Winter”

Abby Walthausen A Review of Tension : Rupture by Cutter Streeby & Michael Haight


Zhang Ergun“spending this life, in dreams I build ships” — translated by Al Lim

Katarina Frostenson“Germination,” “Silent Directive” & “Muffled Song” — translated by Bradley Harmon

Tang Guo“Looking at Mt. Gu from a Distance” & “Fissures”— translated by Mimi Chang

Cho Ji Hoon“Afternoon at the Zoo”— translated by Sekyo Nam Haines

Bao Huiyi “Kyrie” — translated by Li Huiying

Milena Markovic“Brigitte Bardot,” “a child’s concept” & “puh puh” — translated by Maja Teref & Steven Teref

Patigul Ibrahim Mohamed“Identity” — translated by Mimi Chang