Flowers of Service: A Portfolio of Collages by Kasey Pehling-Hund

Kasey Pehling-Hund is a collage artist, weaver and photographer living just outside of Chicago. She collages in order to create visual narratives and engage in conversation with unknown photographers, designers and illustrators of the past. Her process involves her spending as much, if not more, time outside of the studio than within it. She searches estate sales, library free bins, thrift stores and anywhere else books, magazines and ephemera are being basically given away. The material gathering leads to an element of chance in the creation of the works. Locating the material and then searching through it for the right image is more vital than the actual execution of the piece itself. The narrative of the piece usually comes together as multiple sources are open on the floor around her. Kasey works at a small local library. See more of her work by following her on Instagram @flowers_of_service.