Most of Us, Early or Late by Gale Batchelder

say this is true                                              or that is true
               or maybe it’s try and air                             warm socks on a cold floor
a mess a confession                                     awkwardness and supplication
               to know it                                                      you have to believe
               you can know anything                              a name     a place
the what if     what for                                 grip of hands
               one shallow breath                                      one raspy
               eyelash irritating its own eye                     blink
every word a smog                                        and pink dust erasure
swift and swallow at wing                          true blue of larkspur
              your foot raised and                                      set down each step

Gale Batchelder has work published in Colorado Review, Lily Poetry Review, What Rough Beast (Indolent Books), SpoKe4, Amethyst Arsenic, and White Whale Review. Her book, Chalk Song, a poetic collaboration with Judson Evans and Susan Berger-Jones, was published in 2021 by Lily Poetry Review Books. Chalk Song is an engagement with “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” Werner Herzog’s documentary about paleolithic cave art. Gale’s work is included in two anthologies of ekphrastic poems, New Smoke and Triumph of Poverty, from Off the Park Press. Recently she has collaborated with teXtmoVes in a performance of her poem, The Body Apologies. Gale lives in Cambridge, MA.