Richter scale by Bryce M. O’Tierney

He  remembers  that  cypress  mean  windbreak.  My  father’s  tears. I
remember:  cypress mean windbreak. In the dream, mouse holds fast:
my  wrist.  Cat  watches  me  wing  my  arm,  fling  frantic  breaths—
mouse teethes,  tailing air.  In  the prow-front house,  mice from  out
under the kitchen sink.  With rolled newspaper,  he waits,  brings  his
hand down. From mouse: two pink, naked-blind: babies. My father’s
tears. Day the front-yard snaked up / down;  under the table,  I kneel
on a bee; earth-tremor, he braces the hutch full with wedding crystal.
: : Baking  soda  leeches  out  the  stinger.  She  misplaces  her  ring  by
the sink.

Bryce M. O’Tierney is a multidisciplinary artist from Anchorage, Alaska. Her work as musician and writer is scored through exchange: between nonverbal and verbal, human and greater-than-human, the improvised and composed. Bryce’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry Ireland Review, Anchorage Daily News, and RHINO Poetry. Bryce is currently an MFA Candidate & Teaching Fellow at Colorado State U., and holds degrees with honors from Northwestern University and Trinity College, Dublin. She composes, records, and performs in touring duo maeve & quinn with her twin, Maris (commissions with Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Steppenwolf Theater, Poetry Foundation, Chicago Composers Orchestra, Anchorage Symphony).