John Gallaher

John Gallaher is the author of five books of poetry, including Your Father on the Train of Ghosts (with G.C. Waldrep, 2011), and In a Landscape (2014), as well as two chapbooks, and two edited collections, The Monkey and the Wrench (with Mary Biddinger) and Time Is a Toy: the Selected Poems of Michael Benedikt (with Laura Boss). His poems have appeared in The Best American Poetry, Poetry, Boston Review, Chicago Review, and elsewhere.

Blast Off! by John Gallaher

    The only thing I’ve said to someone this morning so far is, “It’s going to be warmer than yesterday, but still cool.”  It’s a daily routine, waiting for me when I get up: here is your weather forecast for the next seven days.  Also, it’s two months until […]

Brand New Spacesuit: A Folio of Collages by John Gallaher

A Process Note I’m interested in the edges of things, where one phrase, idea, image, touches and gives way to another. In poetry, this can be a scrap of overheard dialogue, a dictionary definition, article, some thought I’m having, remembered event, or movie plot, etc. In collage, it’s a version […]