Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson is the author, most recently, of On Ghosts, a 2013 finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award. With Jennifer Phelps, Robinson is the co-editor of Quo Anima: Innovation and Spirituality in Contemporary Women’s Poetry, to be published by University of Akron Press in 2018. Robinson was a 2016 recipient of a Brown Foundation Fellowship to the Maison Dora Maar in Menerbes, France.

An Introduction to Ginny Threefoot by Elizabeth Robinson

    In these two poems, Ginny Threefoot is ostensibly measuring ambiguities—of sound, of childhood. What is really happening, however, is that Threefoot is keying her perceptual sensitivities to the “sound of /seeking what is hiding” and thus the quotidian shivers with new potency and potential. The subject(s) in these […]

An Introduction to Rachel Moritz by Elizabeth Robinson

    Strange markings indeed. Rachel Moritz’s “Word Blindness” inscribes a text that is by turns dark and light, organic and precisely articulated. The reader wants to be the “you” addressed in the poem, the addressee seen with such peculiar and intimate intensity: “your face the smallest phoneme.” There’s a […]

“And it’s all just another story about how life could be”: Kate Greenstreet’s The End of Something, reviewed by Elizabeth Robinson

  The End of Something, Kate Greenstreet’s most recent book, takes a circuitous route through the terrain of experience. In the sequences that make up the text, Greenstreet partakes of narrative, but feels no necessary loyalty to it. An image or idea surfaces, recedes, then returns later—except when it doesn’t. […]