This Begins a New Book by Elizabeth Robinson

Meanwhile, the wind blows

A cloud in perfect stillness overhead, perfect

What was beetle becomes spider

There was no abstract page on
which was writ

these words

Meanwhile a hand

forms letters, a restraint

of language

around which

two bodies curl

Begin sky

overhead, blue

darker, brighter as it dries

Beginning precise, always

Heron bending in the socket of the sky

Meanwhile, the throat aches, the throat

bathes itself in the perfect fluid

of such stillness

While above the waters run

and underground

the mines have begun burning, they have

been burning all the while
Elizabeth Robinson is the author, most recently, of On Ghosts, a 2013 finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Award. With Jennifer Phelps, Robinson is the co-editor of Quo Anima: Innovation and Spirituality in Contemporary Women’s Poetry, to be published by University of Akron Press in 2018. Robinson was a 2016 recipient of a Brown Foundation Fellowship to the Maison Dora Maar in Menerbes, France.