Stephanie Strickland

Stephanie Strickland has published 8 books of poetry and 11 digital poems, most recently the Vniverse app for iPad with Ian Hatcher and Hours of the Night, an MP4 PowerPoint poem, with M.D. Coverley. Two books are forthcoming in 2019: Ringing the Changes, a code-generated project for print based on the ancient art of bell-ringing, from Counterpath Press, and How the Universe Is Made: Poems New & Selected from Ahsahta Press.

Overheard on the Chronolog by Stephanie Strickland

    Hardy’s Dumbledore, a bumblebee— It speaks in tongues but is bespoke in code. Word splash hits quantificated body! Siri hears Nietzsche’s name as “nature”! Finally, a challenger for language. Hear Robots read. Algorithms unpack. Psider web, cliteracy, yonderdust Databased. Incarnated or extinguished? Icarus—approaching—swan dives the sun. Exit here. […]