David Nowell Smith

deixis/diction/index   It would appear that Daniel Tiffany is on a one-man mission to resuscitate the category of ‘diction’, and for this I salute him. Where poetic ‘form’ would abstract away from the lived texture of speech into prosodic pattern, and ‘style’ describes the distinctive idiom of an individual authorship, […]

Daniel Tiffany, Speaking in Tongues: Poetry and the Residues of Shared Language

Close Writing Something peculiar is happening these days in the worlds of contemporary poetry and academic scholarship about poetry and poetics: these two domains, so closely linked in many ways, are taking starkly different approaches to the social and political functions of poetry. This divergence is not really a matter […]

M. NourbeSe Philip

It took me some seven years to clear my writing of the imprint of legal diction.  One could argue that the stiff, formalized, even dead, language of the law is in direct proportion to the potentially adversarial, explosive, and often acrimonious disputes that are stuff of human interactions.  Legal language […]