Forum in Poetics

Lauri Scheyer

Daniel Tiffany’s brilliant provocation and invitation for responses is a welcome gesture to broaden and reanimate ideas about the important and overlooked role of diction in current thinking about poetry and poetics. Ironically, diction has been a central—arguably the central—critical tool in identifying and evaluating African American poetry from the […]

Susan Schultz

March, 2020 Kāneʻohe, Hawai`i Dear Daniel– Thank you for asking me to respond to your fascinating essay, “Speaking in Tongues: Poetry and the Residues of Shared Language.” Rather selfishly, perhaps, it resonated with me as a kind of manifesto-after-the-fact for Tinfish Press. I founded Tinfish in 1995 as a platform […]

Rob Halpern

POETRY UNDER LOCKDOWN (A Response to Daniel Tiffany’s “Speaking in Tongues: Poetry and the Residues of Shared Language”)   As I sit down to write something in response to Daniel Tiffany’s essay, “Speaking in Tongues,” we’re entering the isolating days of the Covid-19 crisis. News of exponential increases in the […]