Daniel Tiffany

Daniel Tiffany is a prize-winning poet and theorist based in Los Angeles and Berlin. He is the author of five volumes of literary criticism (from presses such as Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Chicago) and five collections of poetry, including (under the signature of Blunt Research Group), The Work-Shy, published in the Wesleyan Poetry Series in 2016. His latest project, a book-length poem entitled Cry Baby Mystic, will appear in the Fall of 2020. He is a recipient of the Berlin Prize, awarded by the American Academy in Berlin. https://www.danieltiffany.com

Daniel Tiffany, Speaking in Tongues: Poetry and the Residues of Shared Language

Close Writing Something peculiar is happening these days in the worlds of contemporary poetry and academic scholarship about poetry and poetics: these two domains, so closely linked in many ways, are taking starkly different approaches to the social and political functions of poetry. This divergence is not really a matter […]

“‘Do we trust the voice?’: An Interview with Daniel Tiffany & a Folio of New Work” – curated by Henk Rossouw

Daniel Tiffany is a poet and theorist who lives in Los Angeles and teaches at the University of Southern California. Stanzas from the manuscript discussed in this interview have been published, or will be appearing, in BOMB, Iowa Review, FENCE, Colorado Review, The Tiny, Journal of Poetics Research (Australia), Flash […]