Sarah Russell

Numbers by David Moolten

    As the Lord commanded Moses, so he numbered them in the wilderness... He doesn’t open his raincoat like French doors to a self-fulfilling reverie, but reaching for the sky or at least its handles on the subway exposes enough, the skin on his forearm thin as foreskin, as […]

Overheard on the Chronolog by Stephanie Strickland

    Hardy’s Dumbledore, a bumblebee— It speaks in tongues but is bespoke in code. Word splash hits quantificated body! Siri hears Nietzsche’s name as “nature”! Finally, a challenger for language. Hear Robots read. Algorithms unpack. Psider web, cliteracy, yonderdust Databased. Incarnated or extinguished? Icarus—approaching—swan dives the sun. Exit here. […]

FORECAST: GLOSSARY by Andrew Seguin       Andrew Seguin is a poet and photographer whose work often explores the intersection of language and image. He is the author of the poetry collection The Room In Which Work (Omnidawn 2017), which was inspired by the life of photographic pioneer Nicéphore Niépce, and […]

Artifact by Daniel Moysaenko

  How you got to Thailand doesn’t matter much. It took several decades though to become a facet of the terrain. Beneficent speck in the sudden mountains’ pit. Fjords of grass. You wore sunglasses because the beards of green hurt and you wanted to concentrate on walking for whatever reason. […]