David Moolten

David Moolten‘s most recent book, Primitive Mood (2009), won the T. S. Eliot Award from the Truman State University Press. He lives & writes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Deer by David Moolten

    My friend wept on the job like he’d walked around the rainy woods in his Boscov’s suit so I leapt up from my desk and embraced him, my overwhelming regret that he’d notice I wanted to finish my soup before the meeting like anybody whose mother hadn’t just […]


                                             For Odette   Call it hallucinatory truth, it came like Goethe shouting himself kaput in his armchair, glaring as Oslo’s winter fields making her squint. She’d gone for a walk. She’d opened a letter. Good old Otto, his calculations missed the point. They’d shared crusty flasks, stubborn […]

Numbers by David Moolten

    As the Lord commanded Moses, so he numbered them in the wilderness... He doesn’t open his raincoat like French doors to a self-fulfilling reverie, but reaching for the sky or at least its handles on the subway exposes enough, the skin on his forearm thin as foreskin, as […]