Vi Khi Nao

Vi Khi Nao is the author of Sheep Machine (Black Sun Lit, 2018) and Umbilical Hospital (Press 1913, 2017), and of the short stories collection, A Brief Alphabet of Torture, which won FC2’s Ronald Sukenick Innovative Fiction Prize in 2016, the novel, Fish in Exile (Coffee House Press, 2016), and the poetry collection, The Old Philosopher, which won the Nightboat Books Prize for Poetry in 2014. Her work includes poetry, fiction, film and cross-genre collaboration. Her stories, poems, and drawings have appeared in NOON, Ploughshares, Black Warrior Review and BOMB, among others. She holds an MFA in fiction from Brown University.

Intimacy is Sublime: A Conversation with Leslie Caton & a Folio of New Work – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Leslie Caton lives and writes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Her work appears in Wapsipinicon Almanac and others and was a notable in Best American Essays. VI KHI NAO: Your lover, Adam, and ex-husband had once (or more) noticed in his surprised observation that you are intense. I am not very […]

Insurrection Shouldn’t Be Against the Self: A Conversation with Katie Ebbitt On Her Epistolary Letters to Ana Cristina Cesar – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Katie Ebbitt is a poet and social worker living in New York City. Her chapbook, ANOTHER LIFE, was published by Counterpath Press. Follow on Twitter @cybersubrosa. VI KHI NAO: During your abbreviated interlude from the cognitive and remedial consumption of social work, you gave birth to a chapbook titled “Another Life” […]

THE BUSINESS END OF THINGS: A Conversation with Dina Dwyer & a Folio of New Work – curated by Vi Khi Nao

DINA DWYER is an interdisciplinary artist: photographer, poet, and fiction writer. She earned her BA in English from University of Iowa, with emphasis in creative non-fiction. She has an MA in Education from Stanford. She loves desserts and the desert. You can find her at VI KHI NAO: You […]

My Life Is a Dogwood Tree: A Winter Conversation with Alison Prine & a Folio of New Poems – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Alison Prine’s poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Ploughshares, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Shenandoah, Harvard Review,  Michigan Quarterly Review, and Prairie Schooner, among others. Her debut collection of poems, Steel, was chosen by Jeffrey Harrison for the Cider Press Review Book Award and was published in January 2016. Steel […]

On Autobiological Impulses: A Multi-Genre Conversation with Maude Tanswai & a Folio of New Work – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Maude Tanswai is a writer and visual artist currently based in Los Angeles, originally from suburban Detroit. VI KHI NAO: In one of your interviews, you stated that you were drawn to healing. If art (or making art) heals, where does it do so? MAUDE TANSWAI: Based on the detailed […]

“ALI RAZ IN CONVERSATION WITH VI KHI NAO: On birds, coffee, and the transformative edge” – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Ali Raz’s work has appeared in 3am, Plinth,  Occulum, Journal 69, Queenmob’s Teahouse, and elsewhere.   VI KHI NAO: You concluded your Hitchcock-inspired piece “The Birds” with the following line: “Feel the boot that stomps endlessly over the human face.” Did the ending arrive before you started the piece? Or did the […]

Matching the Gut with Its Impulses: A Conversation with Sophia Dahlin & a Folio of New Poems – curated by Vi Khi Nao

Sophia Dahlin is in Oakland, California, where she teaches with California Poets in the Schools and conducts generative writing workshops at E.M. Wolfman Bookstore. Her work has recently appeared in Elderly, Still, Fence, and the Poetry Foundation’s PoetryNow series. With Jacob Kahn, she edits a chapbook press called Eyelet.   […]

An Introduction to Jessica Q. Stark by Vi Khi Nao

    Even with a personal calculator, I could not mathematically or scientifically calculate or suture Jessica Q Stark’s sharp, elegant poems into one voice, a voice that will speak us through the “murky-watered babe” and into any unforeseen fire. These three poems, like three invisible, flickering alphabets, seem to […]