Andrea Witzke Slot

Andrea Witzke Slot writes poetry, fiction, and academic work, sometimes mixing the three. She is the author of the poetry collection To find a new beauty (Gold Wake Press, 2012), and her work can be found or is forthcoming in such places as Southeast Review, Nimrod, Spoon River Poetry Review, Bellevue Literary Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and in academic books published by SUNY Press (2013) and Palgrave Macmillan (2014).

Ode to the Stairs by Andrea Witzke Slot

  Rectangular boatplanks plopped, nestled, and nailed by builders now decades dead, foot-perpendicular-by-foot-perpendicular, like the staves of the somewhere-coffins of the three families that once moved up and down these same dropped beams of oak —families I never knew —children I never held —their echoed calls transposed into a music […]

Qumran by Andrea Witzke Slot

Scrolled parchment, spiraled into safe- keeping. Texts pressed, snailed into cells. Flesh scrolled into mine, just an arm spun over my waist, my back pressed to a stomach, hips spooled into parchment of thighs, hands domed beneath fingers intersticed, fingers that shudder every so often, as if to remind me […]