Daily Archives: July 14, 2014

Vesper by Kevin Simmonds

  The police steal a black boy’s songs they steal them between the knees in his back all the asphalt he’s seen The police steal songs from those with bass in their skin clicking their tongues in belligerence & blight bullets frowning the frown of a dead star night somebody […]

Ode to the Stairs by Andrea Witzke Slot

  Rectangular boatplanks plopped, nestled, and nailed by builders now decades dead, foot-perpendicular-by-foot-perpendicular, like the staves of the somewhere-coffins of the three families that once moved up and down these same dropped beams of oak —families I never knew —children I never held —their echoed calls transposed into a music […]

Acroke by Charles Wyatt

  Not the snake, his tongue all italics, nor rivers in loll and meander. Not the road that leads straight nowhere, nor the ghost all billows hovering. Perhaps this wren’s call bitter and sharp, orders I should follow, find my way. Perhaps these stones or under them, that twisting trail […]

The New Lobotomist by Jill Klein

  returned from lunch encumbered. She had a puppy. He wasn’t with her physically, but she made a bed for him in her head, and now he sat up wagging and tapping her memory stick. Should she throw it? She had been in the middle of brain division, not left […]

McQueen by Kevin Simmonds

  shame is violence you knew that I know you through the artillery of your garments each bodice ripped braised in mud the holy emaciation the grateful material ripcord hemmed in poor thing     Kevin Simmonds is a San Francisco-based writer and musician originally from New Orleans. His writing […]

Spike Horn by Carol Potter

  Dead on the ice a week now, spike horn buck half- eaten, torn up, and the neighborhood dogs delighting in it. Running off to roll in it. Pull at it. Like they were something feral. Tough as the coyotes that yanked it down in the first place. Mine comes […]