Daily Archives: January 14, 2014

For My Brother by Michael Meyerhofer

    I. Again I return to that leaning barn of whitewash and wind-warped rafters, weathervane that never spun, rim-rust that rejected our free-throws and hovered, a ratty halo, over the tenuous forts of February— so much repacked snowmelt shadowed by that squatters’ shack where they fought over how long […]

IN THIS ORDER by Tina Cane

    nebula     Jupiter     a dozen dead cannons plus a silhouette on an opposite inlet of Maeve steeped in fog and her own thoughts branch in hand a beacon in a wool vest     soft-edged she stands over an ocean blank of fish     […]

War by Kate Lutzner

  All my enemies, bargaining with God. I see them lined up like needles, ready to aim into me. When I was working in the sex industry, a man injected my thigh with an unknown substance. I am guilty for allowing this, getting paid more for it to happen. Bring […]

The Canon by Lesley Jenike

  That we’d seen a boy of twelve or thirteen riding a roan mare bareback through rye made no difference; we couldn’t take the time to stop, but if we had, we might’ve seen a whole village, its barn doors thrown open, all horses to market, each one young and […]

HARBOR by June Rockefeller

  A wall of clocks always catches my attention. So many time zones           so many concurrencies. Somewhere it’s winter,     somewhere it’s morning. Newspapers   delivered & recycled. Today’s says an island is sinking—           A modern day Atlantis.   […]

Water by Jeff Oaks

    Water we cross over. Water we forget. Water we throw on fire without regret. Water we step into. Water we skip stones over. Water we make steam. Water hard as salt. Water slipping blades between slabs of sandstone, shale, and slate. Water you are made of, mother. Water […]