Andrea Applebee

Andrea Applebee is a freelance editor and writing coach who lives in Athens, Greece. Her second book, Mercy Athena, is forthcoming in the Cahiers Series (Sylph Press).

Magic Sand: Fairy-Tales, Technology, and Feminism – A conversation with Andri Alexandriou – curated by Andrea Applebee

Andri Alexandrou is a software engineer living in Athens, Greece. She has published nonfiction and arts criticism in Nashville, TN.   ARA: How did you begin to think about our need for new fairytales? AJA:  I took a long break from living with a smart phone after mine was stolen, […]

Her Rage: A Conversation about Women’s Anger in Greek Myth and Drama by Andrea Applebee

  Erika Weiberg is an assistant professor of Greek language and literature at Florida State University. She is writing a book about women in Greek tragedy.   Erika Weiberg: There are two related questions being raised now by feminist thinkers about anger. How are women treated differently than men when […]

Aletheia: Reflections on Poetic Knowing by Andrea Applebee

    Aletheia is a Greek word often translated as ‘truth’, ‘unforgetting’, ‘unconcealedness.’ While in modern greek, it is used to confirm or express agreement, as in its rueful English parallels, ‘so true’ or ‘really?’, its etymological source is layered and elusive: combining the privative «A» (un-) with «lethe», a […]