Daily Archives: May 31, 2015

Anxiety, Projection, & the Female Psyche: Four Recent Titles from Dorothy: A Publishing Project

All too often, contemporary works of fiction explore autobiographical subject matter with precision and wit, yet fail to extend meaning beyond the individual who’s telling the story.  The unsuspecting reader is forced to inhabit someone else’s psyche, then they are ushered out into the cold.  With that said, four recent […]

Mourning and the Construction of Place: A Review of C.S. Giscombe’s Ohio Railroads

The intergenre poetic text Ohio Railroads, by C.S. Giscombe, is a long poem in essay form split into two parts; first, a topographical “map” of the post-slavery North and second, a lyric poem.  Both dreamscapes are interpersed by elements of memoir, rooted in the author’s memory of a dream in […]