Vincent Ravalec

Vincent Ravalec (b. 1962) is a well-known contemporary French writer of avant-garde novels, short stories, poems, and pop songs, as well as a pioneer of virtual reality cinema. He stopped his formal schooling at the age of fourteen, then worked as an apprentice carpenter and assistant movie producer before beginning to write in the early 1990s. In 1994, he was awarded the very first Prix de Flore for his novel Cantique de la Racaille (Flammarion), which he later adapted into a film. He has since been prolific in many different genres and media. His latest novel, Sainte-Croix les Vaches (Fayard), was published in Februrary 2018.

Contemporary Art is Internationally Appealing by Vincent Ravalec, translated by Wendeline A. Hardenberg

    The challenge was to make appealing something that was not. To transform this godforsaken city, populated by people as indifferent to art as tourists are to the idea of visiting the only historic building—a vague ruin of a castle—in a glamorous destination. After all, what the Guggenheim did […]